Monday, March 16, 2015

saturday night live

With the busiest Mexican holiday season of the year just around the corner (semana santa) this place is starting to hop. For the next few weeks you combine the lead up to Easter with spring breakers from the USA and it party central in Mazatlan.....even more so than Carnaval, or Bike week or.....well we seem to have a lot of them, and that's just fine with me. I think some of my neighbors here who enjoy the more...ah....sedentary part of the Mexico experience are a little taken back, but not me. 40 years ago I'd be under one of those umbrellas instead of taking photos.

The video above was ' Pacifico Sunseta 2015'. I guess I should have known, Pacifico runs this town and I guess even the famous 'green flash sunsets' and after glow like we did this night. It's kinda like what I hear about Key West, sunset has become a happening.
But Saturday night at Mile 14,000 is way more than just a sunseta and a few cold cerveza, Next door at El Cid's beach Pavilion it's one of Sinaloa's favorite places to get married, anniversaried or just have a loud outdoor party with say .....ahhhhh....2000 of your best friends. Tonight's event was the marriage send off of a young couple, the music which is always good....and always loud is the signature sound of Sinaloa called Tambora, lots of horns that build and build and....well, it's just wonderful....but then again we don't live on that side of the building.
I exaggerate not when I tell you that no Saturday goes by without Fireworks. Torres down the beach has them after sunset to welcome the new R.C.I.ers and here.....well it's illegal to get married with out Fireworks, period. They always come from the lighthouse so we see them lit and all, many nights it's after sunset and then again as the party gains momentum around midnight.
Sunday morning was a little slow for me really. We went into the Gold Zone to have Eggs Benny and MP's favorite place and I only snapped three pics of things that jumped out at me....on a good day I could double that production, just a slow bite I guess, you'll have that....
I'm a little like this guy, transportation deprived. So I don't blame him, if it were me I'd be putting it on the bus and what a pic that would make eh?
The rehab project in the Gold Zone is almost complete, this pic doesn't do it justice. But the sidewalks are like art....shiney, interesting with foot prints and well, they may not be any bigger or safer but in Jeff's world they're ultra, doublea, gotta see again.......cooooooool.
I got nothin to say about that pic.....over and out.