Monday, August 21, 2017


limits. In fact I think it's happened many times and maybe I just don't remember but to go a whole 6 day week and limit every trip is pretty coooooool. Now this pic below are 3 expert fisherman from where else ?, Wisconsin and Minnesota . Heath, Gordo and Dick there caught and released 5 silvers in the first hour and that was without Dick fishing as he had to watch while his fishing license which he forgot was brought to him at the boat launch. Which brings me to a story about being a ' rules guy '. This same day I fished right below maybe the most respected guide on the Kenai River who seems to not have much respect for many many of the guides he party fished his group right up to the last salmon, clearly a violation of ADF+G regulations. Not only did he not put the rod down for the lucky angler that caught his limit he fished all 4 rods right to the last  fish. here's the deal for me if any of you yeywho guides are reading, the rules are the rules. If you don't like them and I know we have a lot of rules then go to the Alaska Board of Fisheries and ask them to change them, you know, convince them on why you should be able to party boat fish and why it's a good thing. Should be easy. Here's the guys with nice fish but only 7 as the last one Heath couldn't catch for an hour with just his rod....And think, if this were to happen to another 50 'legal' fishing guides on this day it would mean 50 extra Silvers escape and spawn and then following the model of 3 to 1 recruitment it means we would have 150 more adult fish return in 3 years....Kapeesh ?
Dick and Loretta Hahn have been our friends since the 80's. They moved to Soldotna in retirement then doubled up and moved to Squim Wa. We love these guys so it was a great couple days as they sponsored Dick and Jean Evenson who are lifetime Alaskan's who don't really sportfish much to a wonderful day. Then I got MP to go and she still has the moe-joe. I love this pic of her, the person I love the most ....sorry baby for being a bit ah....difficult sometimes. Ain't that launch lady hat cute ?
Anthony and Liz brought friends this year and they've turned into a favorite group of mine. Man, what can I say, it's just plane old fun to be with them with or without fish. Thanks for coming you guys and making memories for me to take into retirement.
And to top off a great week on the world famous how about something I've never seen before. Yup, even for me there's new stuff to come and I gotta stay in tune so I notice. These guys were just as good at it as any I've seen in Mazatlan but geared up just a bit differently. Looks like fun eh ?
You might remember that In Mazatlan a couple years back I coined a phrase for people who apply human values to their dogs or dogs that are treated like human beings. I call them ' dogerson's ' , half person , half dog.  Now I understand everybody loves their pets, I sure did but ya know dogs are dogs and people are people and when you love a dog more than you do people or treat a dog better than you do people, well.....what's the world coming to....don't answer that. But I came across this dogerson the other day and my goodness, I was actually embarrassed for a canine. If  you'd do this to your dog I gotta wonder what's going on with the kids. Yikes, never seen anything like this in my entire 64. C'mon let the dog have a little  pride.
Lastly , let me post this picture of Christopher that his dad just sent. I've known him his entire life and never really seen him quite like this   I'll let you decide what it's all about,  we'll do it multiple choice.
1. He's flying home from a dip net trip on the Kenai.

2. He's auditioning for a part on ' Alaska Bush People '

3. He's invented a new way to deplane with a dog from a Dehaviland Beaver on floats at duck camp.

4. He's been playing with mud pies again.

5. It's his staff photo for his new head pilot job at Budget Charters....

OK you guys...pick one.