Wednesday, March 14, 2018

There's nothing you can't do too much of....

A wise friend told me that once about all the coolness he / I have in our lives. It's been cold here ( I know, I know, don't complain ) and the fishing is super slow.  The building had it's yearly meeting and other than the fact it hurt worst than the dentist I was left with this take away... this condo building has wonderful people who are overwhelmed by a small group of the meanest, manipulative and most vile bunch of liars a drunks you'll ever meet. In short, it's horrible the lack of plane and simple courtesy that is routine here at Mile it's a about time to get back to the friendly flow of our small town and the Kenai river.

Thanks.... I feel better already. With cabin fever setting in a bunch of us road tripped to Dimas to see the 4000 year old petroglyths, They charge 60 peso to view them and another 45 if you take pictures and of course the fishing is for 'locals' only...good thing I'm one of them. My friend Jake took the most wonderful picture for me.
So that's pretty cool.  Fishing from antiquity, of course this is Mexico and there's a chance they turned a guy loose with a Hilti tool... Here's one up close. The funny thing that jumped out at us that there seemed to be no fish, maybe it was before the ocean got here ? I don't know but this must have been a successful bunch of people with time to communicate through art.
The little town of Pixtala has the most wonderful restaurant perched on a hill over looking paradise. Life is awful slow here. we ate a great shrimp lunch and climbed the lighthouse like kids...we're feeling good.
MP's on going knee problem kept her off the stairs so I took a pic of her from the top.
It's wonderful thing when you get to the point with your passion that you truly enjoy seeing other people catching fish as much as you do yourself, or more. My friend Willy was on his last day in Mazatlan before the drive north. Alejandro and I were talking about our friend who has passed away recently and up from the beach walks Willy with the most gorgeous snapper I've seen in a long time. It's the magic of fishing really and  I think there's some design to it.
For all my fishing buddies in Alaska who deal with the busiest Marina in Alaska for the care of there boats I took this picture. We were on Stone Island when I noticed the local repair shop. They keep the stuff running as good as any place in the world and they get to work outside with the music blaring...For some reason here in Mazatlan we still see lots of new 2-strokes which in Alaska you just don't see anymore, maybe easier, maybe cheaper, I don't know,
There's no doubt that the ' water closets ' in Mexico are different. But when I saw this sign and the camera to go with it in one of the nicest restaurants in our city was kind of amazed. I mean, what do they think you're going to steal ? mmmmm.....see you next week, I'll try and find a something chuckly to report ...

Saturday, March 3, 2018


Kinda of a milestone....40 years ago March 4th we got married. We used to celebrate it on the 5th because like a lot of things for me and MP we were confused a bit. Our old friend Bill Hunt was a Workman's compensation Judge and he said Jeffrey Shannon King do you take this woman to be your wife and etc, etc, etc....and I said....ahhhhhhh,,,yeyeyeye, yes, of course. It was really pretty simple, if I didn't get married she was leaving and back there in the deep recess's of my 24 year old melon I knew I could make a success out of my / our life and Mary Patricia Brown who is the smartest, prettiest, most interesting and talented woman I ever met. No brainer...AND, she liked me and even loved me. I told her I would never hurt her and I meant it.
Now how couldn't ya love somebody that cute....And this picture below illustrates her hard at work doing her job. On the fridge here at Mile 5014 she has a sticker that says ' Marriage lets you annoy that one special person for the rest of your life'.
Imagine being good enough to pull off both of these tricks in the same fishing trip...she really is quite remarkable.
A wise friend of mine told me one time that the definition of love is when you always think you got the best part of the deal....Now here's the confession and evidence that she's the secret to our success, People seem to think that because I'm kind of a type A take charge person that I'm the leader on this expedition....Wrong.

We had our first son the wonderful Maxwell Stephen without me even knowing that we were ' trying'.

She bought our first house  without me even looking at it.

She bought a house in Montana all by herself and she surprised me with the gift of a condo in Mexico without me knowing...She has a way.

When the lights finally went on for me and I realized we needed to make some $$$ as hard as I worked, she worked harder.

Look at our boys,,, two successful men with good healthy  lives .
Here's a close up of part of the guitar that she built me for my 60th oh man, by far the coolest thing I own...So here's the deal MPeasy ( I now you read this )  let's retire, lets get really old and let's have new adventures while we do it...Thank you, I love you, I couldn't be without you and yes.... I'll continue to work on some of those things you point out from time to time, I promise.