Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Alaska / Mexico

Being on final approach for re entry to our vibrant lifestyle along the shores of the world famous Kenai River I kinda get a little thoughtful, kinda introspective on our life style. The differences in location are like so different you can't compare , somethings I miss from both, somethings I love about both....But fireworks in Alaska pales to Mazatlan. Here if you get married, fireworks, New people at the resort, fireworks. Holiday,'s a short clip of Saturday night's ' Festival of Light ' which were the display that usually goes with the Pacifico Marathon but the pyro technics were delayed while work was being done on the Malecon. The best display I've ever seen. They had 5to 7 stations set up so the fireworks came from all locations and scrolled up and down the Malecon. Bill and Diana sat on the concrete wall and watched and hour with was fabulous except for the standing back up part that kinda reminded us all of our age.

So some of the things I miss at Mile 14... A television menu (  although we watch little TV here when we do it would be nice to know whats on but it's all pirated so no tv guide ).  I miss the health club, and those friends. My guitars. Running into people that Really know me. Even though I'm good at dodging work I miss sometimes feeling productive. I miss licorice and buttermilk. Reading an actual printed newspaper. Clean air. And i know this sounds weird but I miss being alone...which I'm good at.

Some of the things I'll miss from mile 5014...Mexicans, I love these people, yesterday as we shopped downtown I chatted, laughed, cajoled with the locals, they like me and I like them. Avocado's . A value, our first shopping trip to the Fred Meyer store will be a heart stopper. I'll miss 85 % of the residents of our building. Fishing the surf. Ernie. Mariana at Athina Spa, the guru of deep tissue massage. Spending money vrs making money. ...anyway, you get the idea, it's time to fly.

Things like this just jump out at me....when was the last time you saw an early 70's Ford Maverick ? Or signs at the clothing store that are ....ahhh..... brutally honest in a fun way.
Team X has a recruitment scheme that is pure genius....just show up. But if any of you aspiring Team X ers have leadership ambitions you need to keep an eye on Ernie. When we first met him years ago his value to the team was immediately apparent , he ain't no scraredy chicken. We were all impressed with the way he would handle the mid flight snagged Pelicano that every surf caster will eventually have to deal with. He'd just reel them in and grab it by the beak and surgically remove his lure and then they'd fly off, usually I wasn't surprised to see the other day that ol Ern is also one hell of a snake charmer. We ran into several of these guys and Ern just lovingly returned them to where they had come from....what a, I hate snakes....
So me and MPeasy jump the jet one week from like right now. I'm working hard to catch one last Robalo but the conditions are a challenge, we'll see. Combine that with the start of Mazatlan's biggest week, bigger than Carnaval, Semana Santa ( holy week ) starts this weekend. We've never been here for it but people say the beaches are so crowded with Mexican vacationers that fishing is should be fun to witness and be a part of. I'm playing music on Saturday and I'll try and get a video on the blog so I hope you stay in tune. Then we're back at Mile 14 and onto Kenai Salmon Volume 37....

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