Sunday, May 13, 2018

When the cats away....

the mice will this case at least a 64 year old fishing legend / life wanderer / wanna be country star will . With MP in Mooooontana and Cinco de Mayo ( which is an american thing I think ) I got me some of Mazatlan's life blood and turned the amp up nice and loud. It was a funny story for that Crafter guitar that's turning into one of my favorites. It was at a yard sale one of my neighbors was having and the gal was selling it for $75.00 which is an absolute steal. So I pointed that out to her and mentioned that she had all those kids running around and that some day they'll want a guitar to play. She told me they weren't interested in music. So I tuned the guitar and sang ' Brown eyed Girl' for them and all the kids jaws dropped. I told the gal " see there, they love the music".....she replied with " how about $50.00" .
So MP jumped the jet for 10 day visit to her mom's but me I gotta stay , it's time to fish. So I got everything ready, in fact double ready and I haven't been on the water's just been crazy cold and blowing and rainy and....well you get the idea, we even had a heck of a hail storm a couple days ago. The black boat I tell people is just sitting there quivering and then I realized it's actually shivering. Here's a pic I took of MP in the twilight of 5:00 a.m. If you guys don't use Grant Aviation you should. Like everything in life I'm straight up loyal to them for many reason's. But the other day as we went to buy the tickets the counter gal asked if we were signed up for the rewards program and we didn't know they had one. So she looked at our flight history in the computer and we had enough flights for 4 free ones. Man oh man, mucho gracias to our friend at Grant.
If you've ever been to our house here at Mile 14 you'll know that we have a deep appreciation and collection of fish art. Them darn things are swimming around everywhere. So when I spotted these new ones at the Kenai Airport I was impressed with our local High School kids that built this. Maybe we gotta commission those guys because they are some of the coolest fish I've seen.
While I work the launch I always put out my planer board and I've caught me quite a few slimeys this way. My friend Ernie gave me a brand new planer board and in this pretty cool pic you can see it mid river. It doesn't pull the gear like a professionally run 21' Alumaweld does but it certainly has that Flatfish lure in the strike zone. I'll bet I catch one this week, any takers ?
Another reason we're off to a slow start is that the water is off. All the rain hit it pretty good a few days back and as you can see on the USGS graph it jumped pretty good. But you can see that it's leveled off so by Tuesday it'll be fishy for sure, AND...they even have a some sunshine forecast.
As I worked I came across my 2017 list of goals, you've seen it before. It kind of keeps me on task, kinda grounded and yes, my goals stay the same....that loyalty thing is everywhere. So I'll guess I'll print the list I see everyday of my fishing season and we'll see how I did.
1.  Well that ain't a goal, that's a lifestyle, that's like air and water, it's like the easiest thing I've ever done.

2.  Once again I didn't make it. I went to MZT at 188 and now weigh right at 200 pounds after my Pa Pa's binge in Mexico. This goal I really need for my knees.

3. We did not buy a Volkwagon in Maz like we talked about...but we did get a couple of spanking new bicycles.

4. Still on the grassy side here and yes, I think it's my last year to guide, 2018 then adios.

5. I played a lot of music but still didn't take a job.

6. The Crafter was my last so I guess I achieved that goal....but I got a serious hankering for a Semi Hollowbody electric to fill out my collection....A Gibson 335 would work nicely.

7. I did that. I personally planted and nurtured some nice big tasty Icicle's.

8. I caught a bunch of snappers, maybe the most ever but didn't get that elusive 20 fact this year I don't think I had one break my line or get off like in other years.....they're hard to catch.

9. I meant that metaphorically of course. You know as despicable and disgusting as this guy is I've changed my view of him....I guess it's like this... I feel sorry for him, it's sad, how do people get to that kind of place in life ? So we'll never be friends but I gotta cut him some slack....

10. Kinda made that one I had a start on a song that I'm almost done with  called ' Gotta Lotta'...just the title kind of sings if you ask me.

11. I'll be sa, sa, sa sixty five in two months..

12. I surf fished not one but 2 Roosterfish in 2017. One grande, one was pequeno.

13. 😉😌😎😏😛😁 I'm good at that,

So, it's time to erase 2017 and we're movin on....

You've heard me say that our little town has changed. I'll leave you with this pic of what MP noticed laying in the street on one of our walks. Hope you come back to Mile 14, we wil get off our duffs and chase salmon seriously soon.

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