Monday, June 18, 2018

' Houston we have a problem '

UPDATE 6/19....the river is now closed to King Salmon fishing until July 1st when we reset with a new management plan. All of my June people have been contacted.  If you are a July booking please send good vibes that the July run will be bigger as it should be. We WILL be fishing again July 1st, no worries. If anything changes you will be contacted.

I'm a guy who's never been afraid of a fight. I've been swimming upstream and fighting the current my whole life and by and large that tenacity has made me what I am....but it's tiring...and this on going struggle to run the business and preserve our lifestyle in a time of what ADF+G euphemistically calls ' low abundance' has me emotionally on the ropes. I'm about done.

We're on catch and release only for King salmon again. Yesterday's sonar count was an almost impossible 18. We had thought the Kenai was on it's way to recovery after the terrible years of 2013 and 14 but as this is now all over the state it stands to reason it would also be on the Kenai. Believe it or not but the Kenai is doing better than any of the Cook Inlet King Salmon fisheries....they are all either  closed or emergency regulated in some way. One of the Blob's behind a desk at ADF+G blamed it on the Blob of warm water in the North Pacific...nice job boy's , what a great explanation.

So as for business if all my fishermen are reading this we are taking it one week at a time. And of course a new plan starts July 1st and we will be fishing and hope the July run does O.K....if it doesn't it will be like this June time frame where the early weeks will fish well and once a problem is identified and dealt with it's past the middle of the month when all my best friends are scheduled to fish....keep your fingers crossed.  A week is a lifetime on the Kenai so please trust you will be notified of anything that would effect your trip......jeeeeeez.... I'm tired of it and I was so hoping for a wonderful year. But.... we shall continue with dignity. The red line is us and for everyone scheduled this tuesday through about Friday here's the double whammy, you've seen this graph before and when the rain makes the level jump like that you know what it means,,,,muddy water. So for us that might trout fish if C+R Kings are slow the clarity is impossible for a few days. It ain't me, it's mother nature ya know.
Red 2018, purple 2014, green 2015, blue 2016, black 2017
You can see the water began to drastically rise on the 14th. These events happen and we should have clearing water soon...and then we fish.

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