Monday, August 20, 2018

Laid up

Yup, I've got a classic case of Humpy release itis, or as the Chiropractor would say " a subluxation brought on from the work environment". My back hasn't bothered me like this since I weighed 240 pounds and I don't mind telling you my shoulders would be aching pretty good too if the back pain hadn't drowned it out. Ahhhhh.....but the good news is after my Thursday trip I had a hole in my schedule and the rest has me race ready again. So a special thank you goes out to this guy, Devin Holland for doing my work on Thursday, he netted the fish, pulled the anchor, reset the anchor and caught himself not 2 but 3 silver salmon ( one release of course).
In fact the entire Holland crew caught their limit of silvers. We dangled one line for Roger the grandpa for only 1/2 hour or so and when the rod went off I said lets just assume it's a silver instead of a pink and come off the anchor and was. Maybe somebody out their in guide land can explain why you have to run down river at 4:00 a.m. and wait for it to get light then party boat fish illegally and end the trip at 8:00 a.m. ? This one took until 11:00
Mike Masters and his brother were into catch and release, I like that. The only dead fish pic I got was two bleeders that were kept and gifted to their fishing partners....the strangest thing happened. We fished two days so on the second I suggested maybe would should catch a few of the Rainbows that we're semi famous for. I get all the right stuff, run all the way to Soldotna and notta....nope, not a single trout. Still scratchin my head over that one, sorry guys.
MP is she bonds with the wildlife here at Mile 14 in the middle of our busiest time of the year she builds this for her favorite Stellars Jay. He hangs out and they talk to each other and's pretty amazing. I told her today that she can't take Birdy to Mexico but I suspect he'll be around in the spring for a reunion.
With my  back finally feeling a bit better this morning we decided to do our daily 3 miles on the beach in Kenai, only 10 miles away. It's always amazed me the difference that 10 miles makes, in weather, in social make up, in history and politics, Kenai is just different than Soldotna. So as we close in one Kenai it gets darker and darker and the first  rain drops hit as we park the Subaru. MP shot this pic a couple miles down the beach, you can tell how dark and ....well.....just
Alaskan this morning was. To quote Ernie after he had fished 2 weeks in the rain..." how in the hell do you people live here " ? I kinda like it, and where else in the world do you get the vista's with nobody around, just us, me and MP....

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