Thursday, September 6, 2018

In a Fog

I'm not complaining, really....but...we're experiencing about the longest and best run of clear fall weather as I can remember. Every morning it's cool and as we get to sunrise it gets foggy and foggier and foggier. Which is actually good for the fishing and of course promises a nice day to follow with the burn off but it's stressful for the guy running your boat here at Mile 14. Every morning with the tides at night I need to get down to where the fish will be and boy howdy, it's just not as easy for me as it used to be. Yesterday morning I make out a green light dead ahead which means I'm seeing his starboard side which means I need to bear left to avoid...which is absolutely contrary to safe boating practice. Then he changes his mind and I see red so I bear right and we cross red light to red light as we should but for a second there he was dead ahead and in the fog who knows how my adrenaline running. How's this for a gorgeous all be it foggy sunrise. And oh, I decided yesterday morning that is the very LAST time I run miles downriver. When it's foggy from here on out we're entirely on the side of safety and will sit tight here at Fall-in-hole and fish until the fog clears.
I guess it can't hurt to publih this pic again as a fog reminder...
You can get a great sense of the feel from this pic of Ryan Moran with the first coho of the morning. It took me a bit to get settled in as the shore looked closer than it was and the boat behind me looked farther and seemed to be the right place.
Pat Moran I met in the 1980's through Geno, an F troop legend. We've given new meaning to the 'friend of a friend' deal. As we move into new stages of our lives Pat and Barb will be friends we see and fish with whether it's the world famous or a trout stream in Mooootana. Maybe even a a back bounce river in Oregon eh Patrick ? What a wonderful time I had spending two days with Pat , Barb and there son Ryan and his wife Omily who live in a small town in China ( 6 million). I learned a lot, I laughed a lot and caught a lot. Here's a pic of those 4.
In Mexico I routinely see people using hand lines to fish with. My friend Alejandro is an expert with it , he routinely prefers it from the rod and reel when he needs to toss the real light feather jigs that will get you a Snook real close to shore. But the other dayon our walk  me and MPeasy saw the hand line used like I'd never seen before. This father son team from Switzerland were using them along with a rod while fishing bobbers at the bridge. Very cool, I was just wondering how the outcome would have gone if either of them were to hook a hot 16 pounder.... I kinda got the feeling that if and when that happened they'd be on their way to the reel dept. at Trusty Hardware and Fishing.
Got me a new guitar from Sweetwater coming so come back next week and I should have a pic of a gorgeous semi hollowbdy electric in Aqua Marine color...I kinda like the looks of this one too.