Sunday, March 27, 2016

It's Friday Night

Like you've heard me say many times that Friday night is always a big night at my house. I guess it goes back to my working with the tools days  when Friday was payday and we'd splurge a bit. So the other night I practiced a new song I'm working up and then perfectly timed a couple New York steaks and washed them down with a really nice Merlot from the Stags Leap District of Napa Valley that Chris gifted us. So as it was a beautiful evening and the wine was so good that we decided to follow it up with a nice white wine while we walked down to the river and surveyed the estate...It was perfect magic until we climbed the hill to find the man door in the garage locked. But no worries, I have a garage opener in the truck that is....locked also. Now when I told this story to Jacques Lizin yesterday he said they always hide a key just for that eventuality...of course we do to Jack-o, but our's is in the house from when we used it on the last time we locked ourselves out.  But the good news is the kitchen window is unlocked and here I am using my natural athleticism to climb through the window...the pic is a bit blurry because MP was laughing so hard it was impossible to hold the phone still.
So we're safe and sound settled in on the couch @ Rancho Deluxe and we decide to watch a movie. Well, when we got back from Mexico I had it in my mind that I was paying waaaaay to much for Direct TV and I'm scaling back on the HBO etc... ( after Friday night I've changed my mind, no expense it to much ) So with only 150 channels instead of the old 350 we can't find a movie to agree on which is difficult for us under any conditions, you see MP just loves the old 'period pieces' and if it's in any way English or close to a ' Downton Abby' type I don't have a chance. So we end up with a movie called ' Deep in my Heart' on.....yikes, it was so miserable I took a pic of the characters. I bet you get the idea, a pox on TMC ( Turner Movie Classics) and the Hallmark Hall of Fame.
I couldn't handle it. I'm reading a really , really , really dull book about the famine in the Dark Ages and I went to bed to read.....guess who shows up 1/2 hour later to read ? Yup, she couldn't handle it either. So here's a list of some of MP's all time favorites that I've endured through the years, she thinks some are even worth watching over and over and over and...I pine away for a Bruce Willis movie.

Dutchess of Duke Street
Upstairs Downstairs
Pride and Prejedice
Horatio Hornblower
Downton Abby
Forsyth Saga

Well, you get the idea....and the all time worst Movie in Jeff's world,,, Doctor Zhivago....

And that my friends is a big Friday Night at Mile 14.


  1. Just watched "The Pro's From Dover" the other night and thought of you. Classic.

  2. That's crazy because we watched it to....' Their ringer just spotted our ringer '

  3. Ya gotta do away with cable and satellite then you can't battle over what to watch just glad if you can find something to watch. Course maybe you don't have airwave channels up there.