Monday, August 7, 2017

Linda, your ' bugaboo ' wasn't as bad as it looked...

but then again neither was the last landing of the Hindenburg ...hehehe, just joking. The patient actually survived the operation and is fit to fish more tomorrow. But after running my 3,031st fishing trip I learned a new lesson. I really need to enunciate my words better because what obviously happened was that when I got ol slimey into the net and said ' relax' which sounds a lot like ' back lash' you being the perfect guided fisher person just did what you were told, sorry. No worries.😏
And no matter what you can't argue with success. Thanks for coming you guys are a great reminder of what a lucky guy I am.
A picture os Sue and then I had Nanc the day before catch the very first silver of the year for the Pro's from Dover, Team X northern division.
I had the opportunity the witness this scene the other day. The Ranger was polite and professional as she checked our guests licenses here at Mile 14, but.....
At the  very same time right across the river was this scene. The inshore habitat is essential to the small salmon that need the naturally vegetated banks to keep from being washed down river into the ocean before they're due. So most of the government owned property like this has signs and rules to keep people off the banks and to use the area to fish by staying in the water with waders and anchoring your boat just off shore...Obviously that darn thing that we keep bouncing into around here that nobody  cares about called the 'future ' isn't a priority with Alaska State Parks.
I'm often asked ' whats the best time of year for silvers' ? or is early August to early for silvers ?....well the brutal truth of it is that we don't really have a silver season until the commercial fishery is over, which in Jeff's world can't come soon enough. We've had supposedly ' our ' silvers' harvested in abundance for all the years I've been around but what has and is happening to the Northern Cook inlet silvers this year is downright horrible. Here's link to Craig Medred News, he explains it so well...  And take a look at this goodness....we ( sports people )  have no harvest at all to speak of lately.
Here's the deal. We have management plans that have wording like this ...during so and so time frame ' Sockeyes will be managed primarily for commercial use ' or during so and so time frame ' Coho's will be managed primarily for sport use '....well, that's all jabber wocky and the word primarily means absolutely nothing, notta, nothing , at all. During the last two Inlet wide commercial openers for the drift fleet one harvested 30,000 silvers and the other 50,000 silvers making the catch more of ' primarily' our fish than the reds they caught. Then our area commercial manager fell back on the tired old stupid notion and said that if 50,000 coho's were caught that's a good sign that there are many out there headed your way Mat-Su...or at least there used to be eh ? How can they say they are being managed for reds when silver harvest is way greater. The season should end when that happens. Period.  It's absurd. It's horrible not to mention plane old simple unfair.

This winter the Alaska Board of Fisheries made adjustments to the upper Cook Inlet management plan . The chair of the board who is of course a commercial fisherman said that the adjustments just ' reallocated the fish back to who they were taken from'....huh ?....I guess he means the people in the plan that were primarily supposed to get them ,. You see he knows what we all need to know and be proactive on and it's a 100% allocated fishery you have no extra fish, the only place to get them is from who's got them and that sure as heck ain't us.  So here's my call to all you young guys who want a future guiding, all you locals that enjoy a quality of life and all you visitors that pay the way.... STAND STRONG, complain, make fisheries a campaign issue at every level, every election.  And lets' keep an eye out for the coyotes who run the hen house like our local Senator who just kinda glossed over the part where he was a commercial fisherman when running for election. There's  many of us, many , many more of us, so let's stand up, stand strong. Please read this

We've heard the word ' collusion ' a lot in the news lately....mmm....well next time you drive down K-beach road and notice that both Commercial fishing advocacy groups rent office space in the same building as the ADF+G ask your self why that is.  Heck of a way to run a railroad is all I can say.


  1. Jeff, thanks for the wonderful time we had with you, Linda, Ed, and Sue. I really enjoyed your bugaboo comments while we were on the boat!
    Good luck in your "retirement" years. We will definitely look you and MP up in Mazatlan if we go there in the years to come.

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