Monday, August 28, 2017

about those tips....

Now don't any of you guys that like to tip a brand spanking new Franklin think that I don't just love that and it even keeps me in business but......the other day I got the coolest tip / present ever, the coolest. Everyone that knows me and my fishing knows that I'm big into Licorice. For fishing I put anise oil on my cured eggs, I eat all kinds and have a particular weakness for that good Australian brand. I even think it's just plane old good luck to have Licorice on board so the ol Minnow 4 lets off just the right aroma....So here's what I got from a 10 year old, my friend Caleb Morton.
I's never had that particular brand and boy howdy is that stuff good. Here's Caleb with Grampa Nate. Love you guys, thanks for coming down and thank for being so thoughtful. Oh and one more thing about Licorice. When we discuss this stuff as we discuss just about everything from soup to nuts in the boat I often hear people say that they like red Licorice...Licorice is black, period. If it's red, green, purple or fire safety yellow it AIN'T Licorice, it's candy.
Being a little ahhhhh....grand children challenged I just love to have the kids in my boat. And staying with my theme of ' it's not just about dead fish' here's a shot of 10 year olds acting like 10 year olds. These two Alaskan's , Landon and Caleb have many , many pescado in their future. Get after at it boys and welcome to the club.
Pose of the week goes to Heath... we caught some really exceptional Silvers . I know you think I caught him blinking with this pic but the truth is that he fishes with his eyes closed to give the fish a chance....he's that good.
And here's him with his dad and running buddy Gordy. Nice fish guys.
As we fished that day which was the only dry day of the week we were kept entertai...ah....kept busy by watching ADF+G employees break down the sonar site for the year. All I have to say is just a bit of advice from a guy with 45,000 hours of boating experience.... 1. ) pump the water out of the boat BEFORE you leave the beach.  2.) Buy a real boat. 3.) and pull your pants up man, that bent over hand pumping was ugly.
So you have a wonderful place on the river and just because you fish 14 hours a day doesn't mean you oughta deprive yourself of watching every Mariner game, or Steeler games, or recording ever epsiode of  ' Day's of our Lives ' ....all at the same time.
You might remember that this time of year a couple back I had one of these guys trussed up a bit from my traffic abatement project here at Mile 14. Well I learned my lesson and am leaving these guys well enough alone. So when he was resting at the start of what we call the ' Black Forrest ' I got just close enough for this, pretty cool eh ?
I'm gonna end this episode of ' finding my way at Mile 14 ' with a little diet tip....It's simple . DON'T have Ernie visit. Yikes. This pic wasn't posed I'm telling you. There's enough carb calories there to fuel the New York Jets for a week. For the first time since childhood I'm having dreams about Ice Cream....I've gained 4 pounds in 3 days... So here's his diet  and here's Ernie, my friend.

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