Saturday, January 13, 2018

Fishing good is living good....

Besides the usual joy of the chase, the adrenalin of the bite and the fact that I've made a ton of money selling fishing trips there's always this....that's some darn good food. I've been trying to stay off of the knee I hyper extended a bit so that we can hike as usual in Puerto Vallarta next week so my fishing this last week was mostly just dreaming. But the last few days I decided to test the knee and our reliable spot at Mar Rosa sponsored 5 of us to this dinner. All Alaskan's, us and Mike and Cathy Sheets from Admiralty Island a new friend Becky from was kinda nice to talk Alaska politics which although screwed up makes some other political arena's seem like a love in. The Sheets live right above our favorite restaurant so as I trucked down the beach I yelled at Mike and as we stood talking Becky took this shot, pretty cool huh ? Enlarge it and check out the sand on my feet etc,,,,a little into it wouldn't ya say ?
So last night we meet in the dining hall for snapper entero and let me tell you....the crunch of the skin combined with the sweetness of the Snapper with just a dip of garlic butter would make a Bulldog break his chain,
The day before with cabin fever setting in we road tripped to the shrimp ladies for the biggest head on cameron's we could find. I had this idea that they would have nice rich tamale like the lobster do between the head and tail. Well they do, but not much . We got 8 of them and marinated in olive oil and garlic with fresh basil...oh baby, it's 7 bucks worth of shrimp. So now all you guys in Slowdotna that see me every morning at the gym and then walking 5 miles in the afternoon to lose 10 pounds pre Mazatlan know's just living good.
Even though Batman had Robin to help with  a pic I elected to use the timer on the camera instead. I had just asked Ernie to snap a few with my cell phone and he held the little virtual button down until it had taken 18 identical shots,,, and finger over the lens.
So after laying off for 5 days I had a great morning and never twisted my knee. It's the curse of the King family, bad knee's. Both my brother and sister have had replacement surgery. My dad and grandpa could hardly walk as they got older so I have my work cut out for me to avoid the muscle mass, keep active, body weight down....Oh, in one day I caught the two snapper, lost a snapper , caught a jug and used my knot making skills to put two little campions on one line with the drop line loup figureing heck, if there's little toro's that will only take little bait why not catch two at once.
So me and the launch lady are off to P.V. on Monday for a get away from our getaway . I scored reservations at the small highly popular Boutique Hotel Nadia. We'll have super with our old friend Roger Langford and hike as far as we can....I'll keep a keen eye ( how's that eh ?) out for interesting things for all of you that follows life here at Mile 14....Hope ya comeback now....😎🎸🎸

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