Tuesday, January 23, 2018


For a guy who instant gratification is not fast enough for that is a hard thing to learn. But I've got my steady TelMex internet that is training me on the art of patience....and oh...Take a Taps Bus to Puerto Valartta if you really want to test your old waiting patiently gene. I'll be searching for a new bus company on our next adventure. the first leg was 1 1/2 hours late but leaving PV the other day we were on time with a bus that kept the temp at about 62 degrees ( which we had coats and new would happen ) but when were an hour out of Mazatlan the heat went on and we smoldered at 28 celcius, about 85 to us americano's. Oh well, the food is excellent at the stop over in Tepic and the best part ???? we got where we  were going. All I can say is that Mexican travel is ahhhh , a little different.
The Hotel Nadia with only 9 rooms is ultra cool. Although the rooms are small they have a wonderful roof top terrace that is FULL of #+*** kids....Yup, it's my role in life to be surrounded by rude people I guess. The Nadia is no place for kids. The roof top pool is  really just a soaking pool and it's cold. The hot tub is luke warm and big enough for 2 or 3 people.....so the family that took over the place and ' friends' of the owner kinda ruined it for everybody else including us. I would have been horrified for my kids running around a 4 story Mexican Hotel but these people were just oblivious. This family was there for 2 weeks , not fair to the guests and especially not fair to their own kids that should have been at a resort with a warm kiddy pool they would actually get in and events for the youngsters....oh well.....some people.....
P.V. is a smaller city than Mazatlan with more tourist and less beach. The jungle is a plus as Maz is kind of more desert like. We got up to the botanical gardens again and the river is just amazing. Unlike what we see in Maz the water is cool and clear, I drank it and wish I'd had my swimsuit along, wading around was second best.

Here in Mazatlan it looks to me like the Mahi Mahi is the hardest of the offshore fish to find and catch. I see them hanging at El Cid Marina of course but usually just a few and usually the weigh less than 20 pounds, So...I was duly impressed with this catch that I came across at of all places a restaurant . These guys were net caught and it made me wonder just how much Mahi Mahi that place can sell....It's the same old story ....The guys with the nets get the wheat and the guys with the hooks get the chaff.
Of course I had my eye out for surf fishing but there just didn't seem to be enough open space right around P.V.. I 'm sure the little secluded coves and sandy beaches north of town are full of fish it's just a different lay out than Mazatlan. I actually went an entire week without fishing or playing the guitar...It was a hand holder for sure....But I did notice this guy on our walk one morning. It reminded me of when I first got into Rooster Fish right up the beach from here in front of a huge building and I was so impressed that we had this kind of bite right in town that I mentioned it to one of the guys and they said " Jeff, the fish don't know there's a city here".
So a hand holder it was....here's me and my #1 on the pier. I asked a young Mexican gal in my best Spainish ' a tomar o imagenes por favor '. She took the camera and in perfect english said " sure , would you like it horizontal or vertical ".mmmmm....Time for the hot tip. The google Translate app is by far the best I've come across. It never fails and when it's talked to unlike Siri it gets it right. Just the other day I down loaded for a cab driver as we headed for the bus station. He was thrilled and so was MP when we went to talking back and forth when the phone as he drove ...." Jeff you're encouraging that guy to text and drive ".....mmmm, guess I was.
Now if this blog post seems a bit disjointed it's because it is. It's taken me 3 days of being booted of Blogger for slow connection and trying use my phone for hotspot and it's struggle getting the pics to load. But as the Ill fated French climber in the movie The Eiger Sanction stated, ' we will continue with dignity '....and it's amazing,,,we found some love on a manhole cover of all places.

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