Friday, February 9, 2018

Ground Hog Day

It's weird. When you get fully emerged in Mexico every day seems kinda the same,,, and it's nice. The weather is almost the same every day and although the days go slow they seem to accumulate quickly, I think maybe that's more of a function of the ageing process rather than of Mexico. So what'd I do important this week ?....ahhh.....well.... I got a haircut and....jeez, lets just get onto those pesky fish.
Tony snapped that pic for me early one morning this week. I had been throwing metal for distance next to my friend Willy when I spotted a disturbance right next to the shore. I quickly changed to my little feather jig and instantly had him...pretty good if I don't say so myself. This kind of fishing a a bite or two can be a good day so Ern kinda hit the mother lode the other day. Me and Lockwood met him at the Mar Rosa and these three guys fish hard for 2 to 3 hours to get 3 bites.... and Ernie gets all three of them. This pic is the lastr of seven that I took with a big suggestion to Ernie....SMILE.... and he did.
I got a great pic of one of my fishing buddies. These guys are bold. I got this pic believe it or not with no tele photo, I just walked up on him and snapped it then he walked away. I gotta tell ya the truth...I talk to the birds when I'm fishing. I think most of us do actually.
It's a great week in Mazatlan. Carnaval starts, the 3rd largest in the world. This year the theme is ' Pata Salada' which means ' Salty Feet' . This a term you hear a lot in beach side cities. It;s used to tell people you know what you're doing....pata salada amigo... I've been around or I know what I'm doing because I have salty feet....I'm an old salt etc, Denny Zargoza's fishing team is Pata Salada...and they are for sure. I love the music and found a huge guitar player. And I recently learned something , it seems all these wonderful statues that are created every year are modeled after actual people that live or have lived in Mazatlan. mmmmmm...maybe this one is me.
These giant sculptures are called ' Montgotes ' and depict famous people / things that were born in Mazatlan so I guess that rules famous gringo fishermen out. But they are unique to the city, unigue to us and the Carnaval.
We eat a lot of Pollo, and I mean a lot. It's so fresh here and MP and I are trying to get away from the scorched red meat deal. So whenever you buy a fresh chicken you might not get the guts with it but you always get the feet and MP finally discovered why.  It seems to be the secret to making a good chicken soup base. Being a fan of the Menudo like I am I'm always amazed at how clean and  flavorable the broth's are here in Mazatlan. I took this pic of MP making a nice chicken noodle for us.
And as we bid a fond a do to another slumbering week at Mile 5414 let me tell you how the usual sunset goes....not a cloud in the, watch , watch,,,,,finally a flash, is it green ? might be, might be  that you've snow blinded yourself staring or it could be real so then we tell 10 minutes of green flash stories and go have supper. Well this one broke the model. It looked like the clouds would kobscure any hope and then the horizen lifted and the sun danced around the sky lasting really late into the evening. I t was the best ' rebound ' yet...Mucho gracias Mazatlan. Hope you all come back and see parade float pics and with any luck maybe a fish or so....😎🎵🎸


  1. I believe you told Ernie to " smile like you did something good". Am looking forward to carnival pictures. Next year its really late you folks might miss it.

  2. Lord willing and the creeks don't rise... we'll be here... Thanks for reading mile 14