Thursday, February 15, 2018

The Interview

Finally the staff here at Mile 14 was granted the long awaited interview with Sophie, the official mascot of LaMarina. She is a happy Dogerson ( part dog, part person ) who has been left with another person while her real person went to the USA for an emergency. She was candid, bright and engaging and we thank her for giving us a behind the scene glimpse of life as a professional mascot.

Mile 14 : Sophie , we're so excited to be able to talk you today that I don't even know where to start so I'll just say I'm sorry that you're here with somebody else and your person is gone, all of us at Mile 14 hope everything will be O.K.

Sophie : Well thanks for the nice thought. I am missing my person and it'd be a lot easier of a separation if I could go on the Nicoderm patches. But they tell me  this fur is a problem so I've got to soldier don't smoke do ya ?

Mile 14 : No sorry, we don't smoke....but I do have a serious licorice habit do you...

Sophie : Na Na Na, let's just move on, I'm fine.

Mile 14 : OK, so whats the biggest part of your job, how does it all work ?

Sophie : Look at me as the most advanced comfort dog you'll ever meet. My degree is in Humanine Behavior.

Mile 14 : Wow, and where did you go to school for this specialized field of study ?

Sophie : Cal - Barkley

Mile 14: oh, of course....

Sophie : You speak very good dogerson, where did you pick it up ?

Mile 14 :  I used to do shanghai work for a restaurant in Bangkok.

Sophie :  You know  I don't like the direction this interview is taking....

Mile 14 : Sorry, lets get back to the job.

Sophie : It's simple , being a mascot is just about being nice , really nice....and isn't that just about the easiest thing in the world to be ? you remember the line in Jerry McQuire ' you can't love anybody unless you love everybody '....that's me.

Mile 14 : Wow... no wonder I was so excited to do this interview. So whats next in your career ?

Sophie : I'm working to get 200,000 reads on my blog so I can monetize it and make some serious cash.

Mile 14 : And with all you do you're a blogger as well ?

Sophie : yup, looks to me like any idiot can do it

Mile 14:  ya know I don't like the direction this interview is taking....

Sophie :  I hope you have enough I really need to get back to my dogerson dreams.... I was chasing this brand new BMW and.......

Mile 14 : O.K. Sophie, thanks for your time and keep up the good work, we all appreciate it.

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