Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Last night I glimpsed at Monday Night Football as MP and I headed out the door to a Christmas Party and I got to thinking that the weather in Minneapolis was just terrible. I was actually having a little guilt for my last post. So you know me, I decided to do something about it and stay up and take one for the team, to try and get a nice picture of the eclipse for all my friends that had clouds between them and the heavens. So here it is.Lucky for us the eclipse was even at a civilised hour. MP and I put on our arctic wear on and hiked down to the launch where it would be darker than around the house. This pic was taken at 11:00 and I think it turned out pretty darn good. I tried my new camera and it didn't have enough zoom. So I broke out my old Minolta/Konica Dimage Z-1 with 12 power optical zoom. Its the first digital camera I've ever bought and now that line up is many generations advanced and has a Z-5 model out. It only has 3.2 mil mega pixels so it kind of amazes me that the oldest camera I have would take the best pic....mmm.... My friend Dave Anderson shared some advice for shooting fireworks so I put that to use and set the camera on the tripod and then used the 10 second delay feature so the camera was held still. Walla. It worked. Thanks Dave, the pics will be on sale in the lobby tomorrow.


  1. Geez, somebody actually listened to me. Great picture and excellent color. I wanted to take that picture so bad yet we had nothing but clouds as you could see. Trust me, the game looked worse than it was. Here's wishing MP, Jetdog, and yourself a very Merry Christmas!!!

  2. Very nice photo, Unc! Good job. We didn't watch too long cuz it was too darn cold!! Merry Christmas to u all, check out my blog if u need ideas for gift giving.