Monday, December 27, 2010

The Eagle has Landed

It was -18 when my nephew dropped us off at the Kenai airport. 20 hours later with a couple good muscle cramps and a little deyhdration thrown in with a good case of jet-lag we're headed to our house in 80 degree temp when I spot this sticker....yup, just like Alaska, we looooove our tourists, its just nice for them to let us know. I'm feeling good. Everythings perfect, the first sunset was this woonderful 'human assist' version. Then we wander up to the fifth floor for Christmas dinner with our friends from Minnesotta and of course Charlotte the diva. Even though the only sleep I had was in Seattle on an airport lounge from which I woke up so stiff MP had to help me, I rallyed and we stayed up all the way untill nine. You know my credo....' never say wooo in a horse race'.

The next morning I'm up at sunset, on my 3rd cast this ambitous little toro jumps on my mirrolure. I gave him a sloppy smooch and let him swim, he's happy, I'm happy and I think Mazatlan is kind of happy to. So we go to the store and spend 2000 peso's and then stop and buy a couple mesquite smoked chickens from the folks on LaMarina blvd, people love the rotisiere chickens but these are the best in Mazatlan. So as if my day wasn't already almost perfect when we get home I see birds milling offshore and getting what I call 'nervous'....this signals a toro bite coming. All my fishing friends have told me that the toro hadn't been spotted yet and Walla, just like Forrest Gump, they hit on my first day. I catch 20 or 30, and one pelican. So we clean up and off to our place, Are Lulu's for supper. Our friends Mario and Mario greet us with a hug and a shot of tequila, coconut shrimp for MP and lobster for me. But the days finale was oh so special, I got to play music with a bona fide, no b.s., professional musician. We came home early as I had promised to play some country western for friends who had to leave . Some folks walked in the bar and introduced themselves, the dad is an original member of the band 'America'. He was reluctant to play but as we all got warmed up his son Phil who plays with the band offered up a few songs. Fantastic, is all I can say. We sang, danced and shared all night, everyone here agrees that is the most memorable nught our building has experienced. Wow, I'm inspired.

This next pic might look strange to you but it caught my eye, it looked like art. I remember it was just 3 years ago this barbed wire was spanking new, shiney and clean. Our building put it up to try and stop some of the endless beach party access next door....Well, whats happened to that barb wire I figure is happening to you and me, just a little slower maybe but just as surely. I don't think any of us will leave this planet without some regrets, we're not perfect. And I know maybe we shouldn't have come to Maz this year, income is down and what you read in the newspapers is true....its dangerous here. But I'm looking at my regrets, I'm hoping that when I look back they'll be "I wish I hadn't" instead of " I wish I would of".

This last pic speaks for itself. For all you boat guys out there like me, whats cooler than a total of 900 horses bolted on the back of your skiff. It reminds me of the pre horsepower days on the Kenai. Even if you didn't catch a fish , the boat ride was awful exciting....

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