Thursday, June 21, 2012


Hang on, its going o be a bumpy ride...That's about all I can say right now that's semi-upbeat. Its unprecedented, the river is closed to Kings until July 1st and then it'll reopen for catch and keep fishing without bait. Yikes.

I spent yesterday on the phone with some very disappointed people. The cancellations have cost us just about the same amount of money that I spend surf fishing in Mazatlan every winter. But the worst part is the emotions, it hurts to see this wonderful thing we've created on its knees. In fishing and in life I have a theory I call momentum...when things are going good they keep going good and when things are going bad....well, brace yourself. For me and others like me right now we know the fish have to come first so any conservation type regulations have my full support, we need the fish that are here now to spawn, period.

But come July things get a bit more complex...well, not a bit, a whole bunch more complex. Naturally I hope the predicted weak run doesn't occur but if it does I'll support any emergency regulations that will help the problem and that are ...FAIR.  Fishing with unbaited lures will cut down on harvest for sure, I suppose we'll still have our moments of brilliance and I'll be cleaning a lot of fish... but....what are they going to do with the mile and miles and miles and miles of gill nets being fished right down the road ? It could actually work out that a commercial fisheries conservation component might just create fantastic fishing for us, after all we sportfishermen catch very few compared to them. So, theres a lot of unknowns here, some maybe good, some maybe bad. So like I said, hang on...

And you know how I like lists. I always say theres got to be some good come from everything so heres a few examples.

1. None of that yecky ole Pro Cure on your clothes. Boat clean-up will be a snap.

2. I've got 100 pounds of fresh frozen sardines that I'm thinking might not be to bad deep fat fried.

3. I'm going to get extra work out time...with 10 days until I work again I'm figuring my goal to bike the Kenai-Soldotna loop is a done deal.

4. In the last few years I've kind of learned to enjoy the fruits of my labor. Well, we're going to have to circle the wagons now and not spend $$$$ frivolously. We're going to budget just like we used to, no worries. A little financial speed bump is good for the appreciation part of life I'm figuring.

5. We've got to many guides, this just might help ' thin the herd' a bit... I just hope I'm one of the ones left standing.

6. It could help our community so see the importance of vital fisheries and ALL the users contributions to make this wonderful town what it is., I'm feeling better already. Guess it helps to brain storm the bright sides a bit.


  1. Interesting as I remember the first day fishing with you in 2000, I believe it was June 29th or 30th. Although not the best time for salmon, the ADFG had just opened the lower Kenai to harvest of Kings as the escapement had reached an acceptable level of 11,500 salmon by June 28th. That a far cry from what it appears today. Here's the link to that report!

  2. Although I haven't been in the Kenai River world for a few years, I know enough to know that guide boat 003 and it's world infamous singing guide will survive. You didn't include all the time you can spend with MP in your list of great things!!