Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Snook, Wondering, Langosta, Wandering, Sunseta...Wondering

This morning we walked down to Cerritos to have breakfast, 7,554 steps. Afterwards MP wants to visit our friend Raphael who runs a tourist store in the mini mall and the fisherman were bringing in spiny lobster by the basket full. Man did I have a hankering for some of those babies but we both decided to wait until we had a cooler with us and were going right home. But just an hour ago MP is tide pooling and tells me she can see the feelers of lobster sticking out from under the submerged rocks....Walla, the mother load. I put a fillet glove on the end of my gaff hook and went work. It was a little strange at first putting your hands into crevasses that you can't see whats in there but it doesn't take long for me to get the hang of it and catch enough for super, done deal.
The other day we had a stretch of overcast and even some rain, so we did one of our favorite things. Go downtown with no plan and end up where you may. Here"s a pic of me and MP at one of the many public parks through out downtown.
Just off Olas Altas there's a condo building we were dieing to see. A great guy named O'Neil showed us through this stunning place. It sits up on Ice Box hill with unlimited views of the city in one direction and the ocean the other. And, the units are really affordable, its about the funkiest and coolest place we've ever found...I can see myself there.
After lunch we end up at the museum. You might remember that last year the traveling exhibition was drawings of people who were great revolutionary's. Well this year its just plane weird. I don't think its fit to put on this blog really but I'll tell you this'd never see this show at the Kenai Visitors and Cultural Center. Never. So I high graded a couple of the best and weirdest, I have no idea what they mean. so if any of you artsy types can interpret the tea leaves here hows about commenting for me with a clue...whats it all mean ?
Does that gal look a little like Nancy Pelosi  or what ?  Then we end up at one of MP's favorite stores, its a dollar store named Waldo's which when you figure the exchange rate its really and 80 cent store. Here's a pic of her perusing the plastic clothes pins that we don't hang clothes with but rather keep your potato chips closed with.
And the big news....I caught a nice Robalo, well, a Robalo. He's a bit short of the 20 pounds that my office wall desires but I figure to start slow and finish fast. It was dead dog slow morning and me and the Ern were wearing out some toro when I just got a bit tired of it and put on a plastic swim fish. Its a lure I really have little faith in but I've seen the guys do quite a bit of harvesting with them. First cast and there he was, my robalo and a great supper, deep fat fried with french fries and a special made crab stuffed avocado from the restaurant upstairs.
And when the weather cleared we were back in the sunset game. This one I call the 'Naval' assist. Its something we do every night, meet with our friends for sunset. Its a lot like the northern lights, they change and move, the light bounces and reflects. The clouds make shapes of horses and....well just about anything, just like when we were kids full of wonder.
Tomorrow's a big day for Team X, we're on the road. The fishing's been a bit slow at our usual haunts so we're going several hours north and I'd bet we hit pay dirt, come back and see real  soon....

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