Saturday, January 24, 2015

Robalo Quest......done...

The problem with setting goals is that it's kinda like doing construction....if you're persistent and really want it you eventually work yourself out of a job. Well, that's how I'm feeling today because yesterday late in the day as I decided to cruise north alone I felt a healthy tug right close to shore and just new that it was him....Bitter sweet really in that now the chase is over and for me the chase is everything. I pulled him onto the playa and for a second or two contemplated releasing him as I have lots of nice fresh fish to eat. But....I wanted the pic and he's my biggest so....I'll call my friends at New Wave taxidermy and get him sent to me when I get home. I guess one bright side is that although really nice he's not huge so the mount will be reasonable.
I know you've all heard me talk of one the leading principles in my life, momentum. I really believe in the ebbs and flows of  the randomness in this ol life. For me when things go well they continue and when things go bad ...well ... they get worse...but only for a while. So it was Tuesday morning that found me and Ernesto and my friend Tom Welle in front of the Holiday Inn. This place has some good rocks that hold fish and with high tide we've pulled off the impossible a few times there. Some people would think what in the heck do you expect to catch right here in the middle of the Gold Zone ????  Like my friend Chick said one time " don't take to much pride in out smarting a fish because their brains are the size of pin".....and lucky for us they don't know theres a big ol city here. Here's a pic of the scene and one of the gorgeous Yellow tail Corvina I wooed the crowd with. I told my Face Book friends that I bet I could end my momentum by going to the Casino but I ain't doing that.

So it was a pretty good week for Shark Team X's morale / safety and special projects officer. AND I even rested some as my Carpal Tunnel syndrome hit critical mass this last week. You just can't fish as hard as I do and expect the old body to not rebel in some shape or form. But the good news was that after I played music Saturday and couldn't even feel my fingers for the entire next day my friend Ilene offered to do this magic tape deal and with a few days of fishing only one hour each morning I'm on the road to recovery. I don't what this is called but if you need it, get it....and the beer helps to.
There's two things that have to happen on the day your maid comes. First you have to clean the house so  she doesn't know you're a slob and then you gotta be gone, outa here so she can turn up the music loud and raid the refrigerator I guess, now worries, it's all good. So with our friend Marge's Maid coming we did one of our favorite things, off to the Aquarium... I guess I'm just all about those ol Slimey's. I just love to watch my favorite fish the Toro's fly in formation like the Blue Angels, boy what a noble fish.
So I get MPeasy into the bird environment and she doesn't much like the smell, the noise or the guana laying all about. I made sure I had my camera ready when that big ol Goose came after her.... I was only joking when I said " hey, act like you're throwing food to them"....good pic eh ?
Maybe the best IS the best part is watching the kids. Ole Pele the seal gets the front rows every time and here in Mazatlan the kids are gamers, a few came back for seconds.
So we ended the trip with this pic I set the timer for, It occurred to me that in just one silly little picture there's the  thing's I most love in this old world. Accepting friends who know us as just the people they are attracted to, and that's enough. And counselor, lover, life guide and conscience. The fish, they've delivered me adventure, mystery, friends and finance...and did I tell you there was some really cool music playing in back ground ????/ what a place. 


  1. Congrats on the Rabalo! Carpal tunnel surgery is a breeze. Hope you get it done before it causes to much trouble.