Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Rain, rain, go away....

...better yet, go to Montana.

We're having a  bit of a struggle here at Mile 14 lately with the weather, it just keeps raining. But ya know one thing age gives you is perspective and with all the displaced people from Harvey and the new Hurricane Irma closing in and my family and loved ones in Montana choking on problems are nothing. I just want the world to know I really hope and pray that all this chaos ends for all my fellow travelers on this trip around the sun.

The fishing was going just so ya know something is about to become shamoozled around here, it's the way it works. Here's the graph that shows the river rise and then it began to behave again a few days back and then walla, another leap. This ol creek is full.
And you know what high jumpy water means....junk, sticks, logs, you name it. So today I was headed for Soldotna to fish new pattern I found and I hit something about as hard as I've ever hit anything. It stopped the water to the prop to the engine over revvs so I get shut down and just gulp with anxiety....but once again my luck seems to hold. I don't think I got it with the prop as it would have bent it for sure. But I did stop it with the lower unit hard enough to chomp 2 inches deep into a 4 ft log that was semi submerged as it was so heavy, it had been burned so it accepted a lot of water....Man, the sound of that collision will age an already ageing fishing guide.
So with the fishing difficult and pouring rain we give 100 % plus...Got Jay and Brad Gammel some nice silver....these guys are great and tell me they're ' Irish Twins'....born in the same year is what that means eh 😀.
I got to fish with 3 young guys that make you feel like the USA is on the right track. These guys met in college and all three are working Engineers in their mid 20's. Thanks for bringing the crew Alex, it was a great day.
You talk about an endorsement, I got a call from Mr. Tanaka from Hawaii that taught my nieces and nephew at Kenai High in the 1980's. I guess I came recommended by some of his old staff mates. So here is Aki and Teva who were just plain fun to fish with. Mr. Tanaka was visiting old friends while his Hawaii friends were making new ones. Enjoy the salmon you guys.
So wish us luck on the days ahead and especially....lets all think positive thoughts for those in peril.

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