Wednesday, November 22, 2017


Prisoner of air conditioner. Even the locals agree, we're still waiting for the pleasant ' cool' winter months in Mazatlan Sinaloa Mexico. The temps have fallen from the 90's to the 80's but that darn humidity remains the same. I ain't complaining, well not to much, but we'd sure like to get out and do more things in the middle of the day but right now the routine is read a book, listen to the hum of that wonderful min split we have and then rally around the pool about 2:00 p.m.. We love to go downtown for cultural submersion but it's just to hot and it gets kind of confining .

So today marks our 2 week anniversary of MZT arrival, That means 14 days of fishing an hour before sunrise and then casting for at least 2 or 3 hours everyday and then mind you more casting whenever it feels right or I'm playing with a new rod and reel set up. The score ? Three Toro and one snapper. The snapper was a gift. I was talking with Alejandro and we were speculating about all the possibilities of why we seem to fishing on the Dead Sea when something jumped on my castmaster 3 feet from shore....we both laughed pretty good. Have any of you Kenai people ever not been able to catch a Humpy ? If that's happened to you then you know how the Pro's from Dover southern division are's a rough go. But what I tell my customers all the time when the fishing is slow is that means only one will get better...unless it stays the same of course.

 Now if you're reptile that 92 degrees Weather Underground tells you ' Feels like 127'  is just right. In fact it kinda energizes these guys. This one lives in the trees on the middle island of the 4 lane and he brought traffic to  stop as he explored the fast food store across the street. A nice man put his hand up to the traffic and he was so anxious to get home he ran faster than I've ever seen an Iguana run. I told the man " well done, nicely played"  and he just said that everybody just wants to live another day...
Sunday was the day we first had below 90 temps so me and MPeasy jumped the bus and rode to the end of the line down by the Faro. Then we hikes up and over the hill into Olas Altas and then onto North Beach and up to the Hotel Hacienda for breakfast buffet. Right now the exchange rate is at 18 peso to the dollar and the buffet with fresh squeezed O.J. and made to order omelets as well as menudo and my favorite beef lice was 119 peso a person, $12.50 for both of us....and oh, we were the only Americano's there and they took best care of us. My pacer app told me that morning we hiked 3.5 miles in 1 hour and 20 minutes...
I try to be optomistic. But this year it was so unusual that all our electronics were working so perfectly I kinda sensed something was due to go awry. Well ever since we got here our Telmex internet service into the condo has gone from high speed to snail pace. It's a lot like the old dial up days so doing this edition of Mile 14 has been painful and has taken two days...but hey, what else do I gotta due anyway. This morning as I fished I sensed something moving under my feet and got video of  30 or so freshly hatched sea turtles going to sea. I'd love to show you that video but that is waaaay beyond what we can do right now, sorry. They're just cuter than heck so I'll post it as soon as the Telmex guy comes and fixes it, He's suppose to be here sometime between tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. and February. Guess I'll just relax, have a Pacifico and watch the sunset.

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