Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The next best thing to fishing and catching is ????

Fishing and NOT catching of course.
I'll tell you what, if my Minnesota friends think they have to cast 10,000 times per Musky well then they're tailor made for the fishing here in the surf casting mecca of Mazatlan....this little Toro I finally caught yesterday morning only took 7800 casts. Yikes, I actually thought I had a snapper as I hooked him where a snapper should've been ( how's that for guide speak ? ) but when I got him to the shore it was a nice Toro but not what I call a ' consumable'. I really don't know what's going on, the fishing for me anyway is slower than I've ever seen it although people tell me it,s not bad and Stewart actually caught a nice Roosterfish yesterday.  One thing I see is that the beach is changing right now and washing all the sand away from the rocks which should help the fishing and clear up the water eventually. And it's hhhhhoooootttt out and my endurance is just now getting there....But hey, the joy is in the pursuit, here's a pic of my 1st, last and only fish so far.....and no Lockwood , it ain't a file pic,
The evenings here are just magic. Once it cools down to 80 or so and the sea breeze kicks in our deck is just fantastic. We've barbecued almost every night on our new Weber Q. This thing is amazing. MP bought it at the end of last season and I've never seen a grill work so well. It's one of my failings as I man, I'm a horrible barbecueist, I've ruined more 8 dollar steaks than anybody in the world....and chicken, forget about it. At home when I barbecue chicken MP pre- bakes the fat out in the oven and then asks, please just get it brown. Well the other night with the combo of ultra fresh Mexican pollo and the new barbie I cooked from scratch and walla....the best ever. No flare ups , no " give me the spray bottle"....Here's a sunset pick from our porch at Mile 5014.
Mazatlan is going through a building boom and I'm a thinking that we have actually made a good real estate deal buying in when we did, But ya never know around here what can happen and as far as owning on the beach through a bank trust you really have to wonder what you really own and what the future is ....but....thousands of Americans and Canadians do it so it must work. I kinda worry about USA-Mexican relations. Without getting too political I'll just say that anything could happen and have it effect me and MPeasy's little slice of paradise. Then there's this.....development just seems to be kitty wampus around here. Buildings are built in front of other killing there view. Buildings are put in with no new sewer capacity and it's added later. So how would you like to be the guy who bought these extra expensive end units in a very exclusive condo building just to see a new building squeezed onto a narrow lot that you never would have thought possible....and setbacks ? zoning ? nope. I took this pic out fishing the other morning and those two buildings are really really close and the new just kills those poor folks view. It's Mexico .
Just to build my karma and energy I'm ending this edition of Mile 14 with the last Guyo I caught from the beach. These guys are in the neighborhood and I'm going to get one. I brought down my rod building stuff and fixed the big Lamiglass that I need so from here on out I'm locked and loaded. When I catch I won't wait a week...as they say in the newspaper business we'll print a ' special edition'.....see ya then.


  1. Damn I'd love to get a Rooster like that!!

  2. Me too....seen real well yesterday and the guys in the boats are getting them. But for me it just takes time and luck to be in the right place when they come close to shore. We;ll keep trying.