Thursday, December 7, 2017

Fishing team Zzzzzzzzzz's

That's what Team X seems to be morphing into. Once the proud leaders in fair chase and the ethic of mucho trabajo to produce fish is getting a bit sleepy. Fishing is sloooooow. Ernie's been here for 10 days now and is yet to catch a fish, any fish. Yikes, this morning me being the safety/ morale officer went to rally the troops and came across this scene.
Alejandro is a special assistant working as counselor to the Team....a very important position and holy moly.....He's ASLEEP.  Snoring like he's been watching a Mariner game. And then ....what in the world are we doing. Now we're in the coffee shop talkin fish. I'm not sure but I don't think anybody's ever caught a fish in the coffee shop. But me and Ernesto did benefit as a morale booster from a nice breakfast at Slah's restaurant Ara-Mex.
So.....there's only one thing to do, True leaders know to lead by example. So I get up earlier and walk farther and throw longer every morning and I'm even trying hard to talk less, that's a tough one. But you combine some work with some luck and walla, up jumps the holy grail for surf fisherman. This guy took a topwater way at the end of my cast. It was oh dark thirty and I just barely saw the splash but there was no doubt who he was. At first I thought a huge snapper as I was fishing the rocks and having lost one last week when he went right back down into the rocks I horsed this guy hard up and over the rocks and then in close to shore. But with my first good luck I saw silver and not red and first Rooster in 3 years.😎 and yes, of course I released. The way things are going this year I sure can't chance effecting my moe-joe by killing a Roosterfish.
With the full moon last week we had one day with just the right surf at just the right time and just the right height in the morning. I caught this nice Robalo and as I held him for this pic I could see two more chasing sardines in the foamy white water on shore. So I'm optimistic that the fish are coming. The water is cooling which both the Robalo and Corvina like according to Alejandro....when he's not sleeping.
The fishing might be slow but the reptile bite is awesome. The other morning I fished right in front of this perfect nest and as the morning wore on and the people got to walking not a single person noticed it. Weird....I mean I ain't no Marlin Perkins but I am semi aware of mother nature. Finally I had a couple approach me to ask about the fishing and I pointed down and asked if the saw anything unusual....the gal said yup, it looked like somebody had been exercising there.
It's time to bore you with another sunrise photo. This a.m. it was spectacular. The light refracted off the water and sand, it reminded me a bit of the night  Chris and I got onto a hot Northern Lights bite while riding snowmachines near Mt. McKinley.
On Sunday I gave up the morning's fishing to to do Pacifico's Marathon of the Pacific. A world class event they close the 4 laner so me and MPeasy like to walk against the race so we get the runners meeting us and then after the turn at Cerritos point they then pass us again down the road a couple miles. We listen to the Banda's and mooch a few gatorade drinks and get our 10,000 steps in and then have breakfast at a real Mexican diner.... I had divorced eggs and MP loves the machaca.
Last year by this stage of the race the lead pack was about 7. This year it was just three guys, two of whom I assume were  Kenyan's and the other a smaller guy....they are all doing 5 minute miles, they are so light on their feet that you barely hear their feet hit the ground. They seem to float.
Mazatlan goes all out for this the least I could do is wear my best clothes, yup, that thing around my neck is a collar.
Man oh man did we find a new favorite place to eat. The first night we discovered Tacquira Los
Chiles I had chicken taco's and one tripe. The Tripe as outstanding. It's deep fried like chicaroons so the texture is crunchy and the closest I could get to the taste would be like bacon. So MP ordered a Tripe Pa Pa Loco's ( crazy tater ) and it was soooo good. So we went back last night, picked up a couple cerveza at the OXXO store and ordered Pa pa Loco's. Mine was shrimp and just chuck loaded, Does that look good or what....about 12 bucks for our entire night out.


  1. Whee is Taqueria Los Chile's located?

  2. Right across from the theaters at Gaviotas... The place with all the smoke coming out