Saturday, December 30, 2017

Our Day

16,000 steps in 4 hours. We had a lot to do. Being the consummate planner that I am I was anxious to get the bus tickets for our trip to Puerto Vallarta in Mid January so when MP had a tube blow out on her bike and needed a replacement from the downtown bike store we decided to kill as many chores as we could. So it's on the Sabalo Centro bus down the Malecon to just the right avenue that is 7 or 8 blocks to the bus station, we get off at just the right place....getting good at this Mexico. Then it's down Mexicana Ave, another 10 to 15 blocks to get money from the ATM at our place, the Banamex. The machine is full and this is going perfect. Then another 7 to 10 blocks to the bike shop were we buy two tubes , a hand pump, a repair kit and a rack for the back of my bike....350 peso we give a guy with the fattest wallet you've ever seen, he was carrying his cash register just like Wes Synness did at the junk yard when were kids.

Then finally it's to the market . The other day Wal Mart had no lettuce or avocado's.  You know you're submerged in the culture when you just sit down at the side walk diner and order the lunch of the day and then walk over to the OXXO for a couple cerveza . Mine was Caldo pollo and MP had some really good pork with tasty enchilada type of sauce....she out ordered me.
So you know you're semi-local when the market shopping experience is just another day. This diner is clean, friendly, affordable and especially fun. I'd encourage all my friends here to give these local places a try, help em out, they're our hosts.
My old friend Robbie Carroll gave me this idea when he posed with a huge hanging halibut for his promotional material at Irish Lord Charters....I'd never do that with the absolutely largest snapper I've ever seen. I had no idea they got this big, at least 50 quote Richard Dreyfus....' we need a bigger boat' .
I managed to catch a little cousin of that've seen it before, we took it to Loco Loco for fried entero and shared it with Bill and Sharon Radke from a fishing town called Soldotna Alaska.
So MP went into Farmacia Similare while me and Mr. Similare got to know each other. She's still having trouble with that knee after the surgery so she wanted to try the marijuana cream that everybody seems to rave about. We tried the peyote cream and maybe it helped maybe it didn't, you know that deal....but this stuff has got it all, arnica, naproxen , circema and ajo and..... about 10 other things that we have no idea what they are.
In the years I've been doing Mile 14 I've written over 500 posts. I just type along as if I'm talking to you and it usually takes about 1/2 hour to create a story around the photo's I've taken....well this one is painful, the internet is soooo slow I lose my writing rhythm if you had to call it something. So please come back and bare with me. I'll use my App next time and do it with AT+T 4 G service, I just have to remember to use the phone and not the camera....we'll do better and be more the meantime everybody have a safe, happy and healthy new year, from me, MP and Mr. Similare.

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  1. Looks like my theory the fish are resting up for our arrival holds true. Don't worry we will get there asap. Supposed to be -22 tonight - 45 windchill.