Thursday, December 14, 2017

Snow day

Well at least we have the Mazatlan version of a snow day. Since we've been here it's gotten progressively cooler but really every day is quite the same....until now. It's raining and that makes for a stay at home day as the town floods a bit and you don't want to get stuck whataya do on the snow day ? Well, you go fishing until you're just to wet and bored. It's been a fish less week., we talked about going to a new place but one of my friends put it this way...." there's just as many no fish here as there are over there "......We had a surf casters tourney on Sunday. 70 people , not a single slimey.... Yikes.....I got an idea. Let's have a couple beers and horse around with my new waterproof camera in the rain and the hot tub , great idea.
They say that your eyes are the window into your soul. Well, look into these eyes and you'll see a deliberate man with 64 years of experiences that he draws on to always be serious and direct, business like all the time of course. One thing I've learned about this ol life is that it ain't no dress rehearsal so you darn sure better take it serious...I mean, do you really  want to be remembered just as a joker ? Not me.....look into those eye's ....
I remember seeing Jimmy Buffet on TV onetime with Oprah . she asked him how he could write such sensitive love songs and then turn around and right such weird / trash like ' Why don't we get dru....' well all you Jimmy fans know what that song is. His answer was no surprise to me because he said " well Oprah sometimes I feel real sensitive and sometimes I feel real trashy".  Exact-a-mundo Jimmy, I know exactly how that deal works.  Sometimes people get the real 'smiley Jeff ' and sometimes they get the real '  frownie Jeff ' .
I don't know how it happened to me but you'd be surprised how many times in my professional life I've had to tell people that ' this is my serious face ' when giving them bad news like when Dick Hahn showed up on the wrong day. I don't get it.....all I was doing was telling Ollie and Annette the joys of walking around in the rain with just a swim suit on and....they just start laughing. C'mon you guys I was serious about that good for your skin part.
I see there was yet another weird blue guys vers the red guys election N.O.B. ( north of the border ) . Well around here this is as close to a red / blue deal as we get you can see they seem to sell the same. 
I know everyone appreciates that things are waaaaay cheaper in Mexico and Mazatlan in particular. But the weird part is that the best values are where you find them and not always at the Freddies or Wal Mart store like back home. In fact I buy my cerveza at the Kiosko up the road where I get to on my bike. It's a junk food emporium like the Holiday Store in Slowdotna. The other day they had the life blood of Mazatlan ( Pacifico ) on sale 8 for 85 peso. Well the next day they had 8 for 84 peso. So I got 8 and refilled 4 Ballena's for exactly 170 peso, $ 9.50 worth of great beer.
I got a busy week coming up. Playing music on Saturday night, then our early a.m. hike and tour de buffet's Sunday morning and then a Pizza party and a Pro Baseball game. Do do some Christmas shopping and who knows, maybe even catch a fish,,,,,and I'm serious now, I hope you come back.


  1. So I'm curious. How do they decide who wins a tournament when nobody catches anything?