Wednesday, February 18, 2015

You win some, you lose some and....

some you shouldn't even have dressed out for.  I had a coach once who used to tell us that so this last week it lightened things up for Shark Team X as we went through the good, the bad and the ugly. Below is a pic of Friday's load. It was a phenomenal day. I personally caught at least a dozen Corvina and Slah had 2 gorgeous Pargo Colorado. We had at least 20 Corvina of the 'Chata' size as well as 3 or 4 large Corvina and a nice Robalo that 'T' caught.
Most of the guys had gone to the rocks to fish but I stayed on the beach as the week before we had found a new pattern in that it seemed the Corvina especially were orientating to the protection of the rocks without being right in them. They were obviously schooled up so I would walk 40 feet and cast, then walk 40 feet and cast and before long get a strike and then I'd catch or loose 3 or 4 in quick order before I'd start moving again. These Corvina are tricky buggers to land in that they have a very soft mouth which eventually gets a big hole in it and then when you have that  final part in timing the surf just ride to ride him up the beach with as little tension as possible. To have landed 12 to 15 like this I must have lost another 10 or 12 and had an encounter with something really big that was pretty much,,,,,here's the fish and the 'new penny' swim fish that did the damage. And thanks Slah for lending me the Pargo for a pic.
So with that day in the books anticipation was high as we headed for the spot Tuesday morning. I have to say I had some apprehension as we had very little firm beach to drive on with the tide building to a 7 am high. And sure enough we got the left front into some wet sand and it went right to the I'm no 4 X 4 expert but I did used to hang around with Woody Mahurin so I know a bit about getting into and out of  a jam. As McGiver like as our guys are this situation was different, no amount of digging, pushing, leveraging etc was going to get us out.  We needed a piece of equipment and lucky for us the worlds largest tomato farm is just 1/4 mile away. So Ramon and Slah call in the cavalry and Mexico is just like America...when you need help people are there for you and we were out in quick order. I'll say this, we had that Nissan Frontier truck stuck pretty good for the first time and that truck is one great piece of equipment, I would buy one for sure. It's reliable, the 4 x 4 capability is incredible and it's pretty darn comfortable. So  there's my pitch, if you need a new truck take a look at the Nissan, it's great.
We were right at the tip of the tide so I really don't think we were ever in danger of losing Ramon's truck but we certainly would have had a big job ahead of us once the surf receded  if it hadn't been for that John Deere tractor. In any case, one thing I know about life is this,,,,you can't worry about what didn't happen. So, we continued up the beach another mile or so and went fishing....and....what a difference a few days make. The Ern caught a Corvina and Ramon a Corvina and Slah  had a pargo but certainly not the day we had hoped for. But we got home safe and sound, no harm no foul....thanks for excitement guys.

For you boat guys check this deal out. I was at the Marina chatting with my buddy who is the harbormaster when I noticed a boat with quads. Well I've seen triples but this is my first set of 4...I can only imagine what that baby can do and how she must sound when all four are close to the red line...oh baby, that's some hardware there.
I got home from fishing just in time to take a nap and then off to the parade, after all it's fat Tuesday and we're in Mazatlan Mexico...who'sgonna miss that. Here's a pic of my running buddy sitting comfortably on a cement guard rail, ocean and sunseta to the back, parade to the front.
The theme for Carnaval 2015 was ' The dreams of Momo'.  Now I got no idea who Momo is but he /she  and guide # 003 are thinking a lot alike. It seems like old Momo is really into the fish and music and once I got over the part where Momo might be one of these intense ladies I got right in tune with the program. I'm really hoping this ain't Momo because if it is....well...she ain't very warm and inviting but maybe she's just all bark and no bite, who knows ? 
So old Momo has got it figured. Whether you've got a skull message or the Octopuses Garden going on as long as you've got a guitar it's all good. I guess I'm getting pretty good at Mexico because last night at the parade I was actually used to hearing 5 different loud bands at once...and I was liking it.
The loudest band of the night was this float. It actually hurt a bit just like the Bachman Turner Overdrive concert that me MPeasy went to on our first date. I yelled to this trombone player to give him the ' you got goin on' sign and he made eye contact and signaled we're musical buddies. See ya next year Amigo.
Talk about a beautiful spot. Some forward thinking engineer came up with the idea of using Palm trees for street lights. Unbelievable in the cool dept. The city took out those ugly old metal round poles like all the world has and planted these trees with lights wires, no glass shades....just a gorgeous feel and look. I snapped this pic as we walked along with our town leaving the parade.
So this what I'm trying to do and I think I'm getting close and I hope you are as well...what it really is is simple, freedom, that's what it is. One day at a time....see you next week, I hope you come back to Mile 14. I will.


  1. So would that be a 4in swimfish with about 2oz of lead in front?

  2. I don't want to sound like a fish nerd but yup, it's a 4 inch H+H Lure Co. new penny but the jig head is 1 1/2 oz....I caught another Bonita today Tim....what a noble fish

  3. I'm keeping my next skipjack they say if you cut or pull their gills before they die to bleed them they're quite tasty.

  4. If you have ever had ahi poki and like it, I recommend you try it that way, keep it fresh and cold and clean it carefully avoiding the gut cavity and you will be pleasantly surprised.

  5. You got me going on that....ya know Dave and Tim when I caught the first one I thought that's a great fish... But I'd listened to people instead of deciding for myself . The next ones supper