Monday, October 3, 2016

34 seasons

I've never been to a party that didn't end. So with MP gone come Oct 1st it was up to me to close the gate and break the news to all those that love this place, Mile 14. I got two last trips in this week and met Bill Enkhausen and his family. Here's a pic of his wife Marty with one of the last silvers of 2016. It's pretty cool, Marty is an Alaska Native that grew up in the village and Kotzebue and then moved to the 48 as a teenager. They have tons or relatives in Alaska and visit frequently so I know I'll see them again....just come when it's a little warmer next time my new friends.
The next day we started at 0-chilly thirty and Ron Smith caught the very last silver of my 34th season of guiding. Thanks for coming Ron and we'll leave the light on.
Even with 34 seasons in I managed to see something I've never seen before. This pic doesn't do it justice as I was slow with the camera but you can make out that bird hitch hiking down the river on a stick just big enough to hold it. And of course with few people out I was able to get this ultra Eagle close-up.....
The other day on my walk I just happened to be on the boardwalk when this guy landed his silver. Kinda thought  my surf fishing partner and Team X member Tim Lockwood would get a kick out of it.....he's all about dead fish.  I'd take video of action shots in the boat but as a guide it's kinda goosh to be taking pics when you oughta be netting or helping...
With MP gone I've been playing the dickens out of my new guitar. As you know I'm a sometimes frustrated song's so hard to get stuff you like. Well, I put together this song I call ' A Thing or Two' and I need your help. I know I don't get a lot of comments but if this time you can help me out I'd appreciate it. You see when I first sang it for my number one critic and life navigator she told me it wasn't very good. A lot of the stuff I write tends to be to dark so I likes the upbeat in this song,it's 'snappy' as they say in Nashville. I think MP thought it was about gossip which it is but it's also a love song. It came from a discussion I had with a casual friend who really doesn't know us well a while back and in the conversation she said everybody knows that MP and I have a great relationship...mmmm.....I thought that was cool little town talk. I only published one verse so it's short, give it a listen....if you like it maybe just a short comment, if you don't I'll know by the comment absence ...thanks....

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  1. I'm sure there will be more dead fish pictures when you get to Maz but no more Iowa shaped bruises please.