Friday, December 9, 2016

The dog ate my homework

That's the kind of thing you here from fishing fanatics after a less than stellar performance, in my  .case an entire week of no edibles, just a few Toro's. At Mile 14 of the Kenai River it goes like this " the tides are wrong- the waters a little chaulky - the waters a little cold - there's no fish in that river ". Now here at Mile 5014 next to the tropic of cancer it goes like this " the tides are all wrong - the waters a little chaulky - the waters to warm - there's no fish in that river "......mmmmmm.....But Team X is mobilizing for beach assault this weekend so the drought should end...I hope.

But if you don't get out of bed for every sunrise you miss the coolest colors on earth. The ocean gets a bit of what in Alaska we call Alpenglow kind of look. The boats are running offshore and every morning brings that mystery of anticipation, will we or won't we ? It's all what I love.
This week I did catch 15 or 20 Toro like this one my friend Jesus caught off the jetty at Pueblo Bonita. After I saw him lift this guy straight up about 20 feet I decided to call it a day....the last thing I need is another broken stick while I'm still in mourning over the loss of my 11' Fish Eagle. In fact I mentioned to Jesus that it looked like a good way to break a rod and he said he knew for a fact that it is.....
Out on one of our hikes me and MPeasy came across the truck that took us to Alaska. A 1971 Dodge Camper Special with a 318 V-8 in her....and it was darn near the same color . What an adventure it was and still is. Me, her and our friend Robert Gerstlauer drove that truck to Montana for Christmas in 1977. We drove all night through Tok Junction on into Whitehorse with it -45 degrees.....the defroster was on full blast and just kept a 10 inch round circle clear. We didn't turn the truck off for two days and on the Tok to Whitehorse stretch we only saw 3 other vehicles....and only in Alaska one of the three was a truck towing an Airplane with the wing off and tied long ways to the fuselage.
On this hike we found Dozzo Fusion / Asian food restaurant. MP is crazy about Dim Sun which they advertised but didn't have the night we went. BUT what they did have was a dish called ' Hokkaido' that was cream cheese stuffed shrimp wrapped with bacon and the deep fat fried with a layer of crunchy lace like french fries wrapped around them.....Holy cow, make a Bull dog break it's chain it was so good, and only 80 peso. Sometimes when I've had scallops or shrimp that are bacon wrapped the bacon over powers the seafood but this was perfect.
Being a french fry expert and having them be one of my weaknesses I was so impressed to see potato's cooked in a way I'd never seen. They are just finally grated so the crispiness is just wonderful. So knowing that I'm hooked on Mexican Pa Pa's imagine how cool it was to run into these that come with a kind of message.
I'm always amazed that here in Mazatlan with all the abundance of fresh fish of all sorts how popular Salmon is. It's always fresh in the stores so I kinda know where it comes from and I doubt it's the land of the best Salmon in the world. But people buy it up for sure....guess I'm just kind of a Salmon snob.
The price is for a kilo which translates to about $ 7.50 a pound, pretty fair I'd say.
We had a nice quiet month in November here at our building but now people are starting to arrive and the vibe while always good kinda changes. We had a little excitement when this guy here was found living under the sink in the womens room by the pool. With all the animal lovers around here I just couldn't understand why they didn't let him stay.... I mean we got people, we got cats, we got dogs, we got dogerson's, we got chirping birds , we got gecko's and big ol nasty Iguana lizards as well as cock roaches and rats that are big enough to fight what'd this guy do to deserve the treatment ? I just don't understand.

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