Friday, December 2, 2016

Something about this place.....

kinda makes you realize how to separate the important from the unimportant and I'm trying to do just that....although I've been a C student my whole life, I'm trying. The Telmex man came 10 days ago to speed up my internet and left with it and the phone disabled. Just today as I wait and wait there was a thread on Facebooks Find it Here Mazatlan asking people if they new how to get the Telmex man over faster.....nobody new but someone did offer that you could marry one. But we're doing fine with our phones and right now I'm using Connies house to write with. It was the weirdest thing, I tried to blog post using my Phone App like the short issue last week and using the voice recognition thing just wasn't working....mostly because I've typed my whole life and the mechanics of it are part of the creative process for me. I just wasn't formulating the sentences and thoughts right while talking to an I-phone...weird. It just wasn't helping my creative juices....

The marathon of the Pacific has come and gone. MP and I got up and walked into town for Menudo that morning and met the runners coming at us. The Kenyan front runners are so graceful they seem to float, you can't hardly hear their feet hit the ground.
That night we went onto the Gold Zone for Pho soup at a place we love and as we finished I looked at the clock and we wandered over to the seawall and the best fireworks display I've ever seen started. It lasted a good 1/2 hour and they had fountains and star shells set to go off in sequence for several miles up and down the malecon....pretty cool.
With people telling me the fishing is slow I had one of the best weeks ever. I caught 2 large Robalo which is heck of a trick, about 5 or 6 Pargo and even a nice 5 pound Corvin and of course 15 or 20 Toro scattered around in the mix. It's weird, there's been years and seasons at Mile 14 where we've just crushed the other guys abd the few of them that would have the moxie to ask what I was doing different I'd honestly tell them that I didn't know. That's how it works and that's how I feel now. Both of these Robalo were caught in two different places but by chance the same hand line fisherman that I now know witnessed both,,,,when I catch another I'm going to give it to him,...honest.
These Snook I think everyone agrees are the best sport fish on the beach. This guy hit 20 feet from shore and ran off 50 yards of line. He jumped several times once on the crest of a huge wave that was just perfect and his endurance is remarkable, 10 minutes to land....and they are the best to eat. The perfect sport fish.
Here's a pic of a morning with a snapper as well as a sea bass and one of the nicer snappers I've ever caught a day later....It's momentum, when things are going good they tend to keep going good and when things are going bad....ahhhh, forget about that part....
So if you're headed to Mexico to surf fish here's the magic,,,,he's a Mirro Lure C 5 and he's perfect to fish the rocks and the rocks are where the fish are of course. He dives to about only 2 feet so he's submerged just right so slimey can see him and come up to him but he's shallow enough to not get hung up....usually.
Any of you that have been with Mile 14 a while know that the Jack Crevalle are abundant here, kinda the pink salmon of Mexico. But just because these guys aren't the best table fair don' think we're not happy to catch them. They are a cousin of the Roosterfish which to me is the holy grail and they do pull....look at the size of this one.
I ran into a friend and he had a load of them. He bleeds them immediately and then cuts all the dark meet out and then they're seasoned for tacos, lot's of good protein.
Since the election the Peso has plummeted against the dollar. It's great for us gringo's but terrible for Mexico. People are a little scared for the jobs and their stateside relatives but these know what I'm trying to learn like the title to this blog post, relax, breath through your nose, tomorrow is a new day, there's a sunrise for every sunseta.....and I got the feeling that with people like this Marathoner around we're all going to be just fine....
I really enjoy that all of you enjoy Mile I'll be steadier and try to post more and at least every week.....we got things goin on ya know. Thanks for reading.


  1. Jeff,

    What kind of Snapper is that, a mangrove snapper?

    1. They call them Cocanaco....Ernie says they're a Hounds Tooth's amazin how many different snapper there are here