Thursday, November 26, 2015

Hurricane Sandra

If you're a storm and they give you a name then you've arrived. Sandra will be the second time I've been through a named storm. A couple years back we drove across North Dakota through winter storm Atlas and well, it  was a yawner....I've had snow storms around Girdwood way worse so I'm hoping to have the same luck this weekend when Sandra hits town.
This storm is the latest Eastern Pacific cyclone EVER...or at least since the college kids started keeping track. Last night it hit Hurricane level 4 and they expect the whole enchilada, category 5. I personally think this girl followed us down from Alaska because that snowstorm we flew through last Friday should have had a name. They expect Sandra to turn towards us on Friday and hit Saturday in a diminished state due to the jet jet stream and cooler water that should weaken it....we hope. Mazatlan has been suffering from severe beach erosion and we don't need anymore of that but we have full moon now and you know what that means....higher by.

Don't think I've been just hanging out putting plywood on the windows and filling up the bath tub, nope, I've been fishing. This morning I caught a huge man eating Toro with nobody around to take my pic. He fought so good I thought he was a rooster but he turned out to be what I call a ' budget guyo', But as luck would have it just when I was telling MPeasy that if I didn't catch an edible soon we were going to the fish market I caught this guy. It was a good thing because she was pretty adamant about not buying fish pointing out that I have a virtual fortune invested in sport fishing gear and what good is it doing you....?
That sized Snapper is perfect for one of our favorite treats, pescado entero, deep fried whole. I do a 'princess ' type job on the cleaning and then scale him perfectly. The we take him to our favorite spot , Loco Loco's where they fried him entero. It comes to you just wonderfully crunchy and just the right amount for the two of us. It's something that you would never do at home, it's why we come, things are just different around here. Here's a before and after sequence.
A couple years back I started leaving my Takamine guitar at Slah's when we'd go back to Alaska. When I got home I was missing that black guitar that I've really bonded with so I went out and found a replacement...then I kind of had an awakening and realized I really should be playing that gorgeous Martin guitar I have, after all they're meant to be played and loved and well I had this in my mind that it was to nice for everyday use and I've bonded with the Martin and the replacement was just sitting around.....this story has an end, I promise. SO, last year when me and my friend Kiki were playing music together he was admiring the Takamine so I told him I'd bring him one just like it.  He was sooooo happy and sooooo was I. Glad ya like it Kik.
An old friend showed up on the beach this morning and it was fun to see him. Indio was there the day in 07 when I caught my first Roosterfish and got invited into the Mazatlan surf fishing fraternity. We have some great long distance casters here and Indio could very well be the champ. For all of you who need to know one of his tricks is this.....Suffix Line. It is the smallest diameter of all the super braids, Here he is in mid cast, a thing of beauty for sure.
I'll take many pics of the 'tormenta' that's on it's way. Hope you come back to Mile 5014.

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